Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Hubby and I had a lengthy discussion about poop today. I think with the impending poop factory that will be our child, we talked about who has the responsibility to clean up the current stock of pet poop. I stated that since I can't be around cat matter and in essence dog matter that he is stuck, and I KNOW that I will be handling the baby matter. Therefore there is no need for him to bitch at me.

He then proceeded to talk about poop in theoretical terms. "Did you know that about 100 million people poop at the same time around the world?"

I asked,"What about the animals and the insects and the water life that poop collectively (possibly at the same time)?"

He replied," Can you imagine if we could harness all the poop? or the energy? "

Yeah this is the stuff we talk about, and YES we both went and GRADUATED from college.

I know that poop will be a big topic in our household, but geez. He did get me thinking, but then I had to go...



you may be onto something there... what could you call that type of engine? as long as we don't run out of food, then we have a continuously renewable energy source!

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you should get that book everyone poops.
such a great read!

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what book is that? is that a kids book? I think "they" give that to parents when their kids are going thru potty training... it'll be a couple of years I bet..


there is another book called the gas we pass.
yes its for the kids that are getting potty trained and those who are learning body functions. whatever comes first...

Another annonymous, unrelated to the first

Is anyone else concerned that Hubby knows information like 100 million pooping at the same time? Where does he get his info? What posessed him to seek out this information in the first place? Is there a Parents' Poop Consortium somewhere?


I love that! With a 7 1/2 month old baby boy, a dog and a cat all my husband and I seem to talk about is pee, poop, spit-up and vomit - and yes we both graduated from college as well. It's amazing how conversation changes once you become a parent (even a parent of a pet)!

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yeah well I guess poop is something a lot of people know about but few are able to talk about... I think there IS a Parent Poop Consortium.. hehe

I guess just learn to embrace the poop and move on..

Also we have 4 cats and a dog and some fish.. we already deal with lotsa poop and I am guessing even more with the baby coming!


more poop to come as the baby doubt about that!