Sunday, March 03, 2013

H and Mama!

And just a sweet photo of my little guy and me!

 Meg is totally in love with the color RED. I don't know if you can tell in the picture here.. but she dressed herself in her school shirt and she picked out her new backpack based on the color, she is fine with ladybugs as long as they are red and not real or on her.

School has been a joy for her and the only thing she asks is for us to do is to pick her up when school is done, we always have and we are always telling her that we will come and get her.

 This is a paper fan that Meg painted. She loves to paint so both days she was at school she made one, and she gave one to her sister. She's got a big heart that way!

My big kid

 Here is a pic of Shivani in Uniform. She's in the Catholic school here and she was wary at first of wearing a uniform, but we kinda enjoy not having to worry about picking out clothes for school. There's also a hat that's mandatory when they go outside.

She's done pretty well, there's the usual drama about being a new kid in school, but for the most part she is doing well. Getting used to a new school midway thru and leaving a beloved school in Texas was pretty tough on her and my heart has broken when she cries sometimes about missing friends back home.  I hate moving for the reason that her heart breaks for leaving her friends, and it's going to be unbearably hard when we have to move from here back when she's older. Hopefully she'll forgive us!

I've been up to her school to help out and the teachers are really nice and welcoming. The kids are very adorable.. I worked with a KG class and S's class. Thinking about sending in my teaching paperwork so I can substitute teach (called relief teaching) here.

Overall it's been good, a transition, but it's going well so far.