Monday, March 27, 2006

Oh lovely Cheeseburger

Shivani and me

Ammuma, Appupa, and Shivani at the park

So baby and I went to get the mail today... beautiful day, a little windy...

We had a nice surpise in the box... the mothers group that I go to 2 times a month sent us a veggie tales tape... and I know what you are all thinking.. but S loved the songs.. she just thinks it's fabulous.. and the lessons in there are just good. I would rather have her watch that than the million episodes of What not to Wear (WNTW) that I love to watch.. I should totally enlist myself for that show... WNTW not Veggie Tales...

Also at the mailbox we saw that Appupa(gramps) sent us the pictures we took when we were on vacation. Can't wait to see them!

There is some type of Gourd singing a love song to a cheeseburger... weird... even in my dreams I would have never thought of that... S is mesmerized

Sunday, March 19, 2006

House Blahs

OMG... D is reading Three Cheers for Tacky to the lil one... it's oh so adorable... well toot.. she just decided that she was going to have a fit and that she MUST eat RIGHT THIS SECOND when it was so cute.. the reading I mean...

she is wearing her mickey outfit that ammuma and appupa got her.. and MOM it's still BIG on her... so it will be a while before she fits in the 12 month old clothes...

So actually made a good (if not somewhat bland) dinner, and he topped it with SALSA.. sorry about the caps.. but I guess salsa on plain rice is good... I grew up with lots of spices on everything... but it was good...

Tomorrow I want to have a plan about changing up some of the rooms and PAINT.. painting the baby's room gave it personality... so I want to think about doing our room the guest room and all the bathrooms...WILL not touch the living room other than to repaint it white.. it's got like 18 foot ceilings.. I don't want to do a color.. and it's just a huge project...

we'll see.. the first prioity house-wise is to get the trees in the front planted... the irises and tulips are starting to bud.. so spring is right around the corner.. well after it stops snowing here...

ah house ownership... so rewarding and yet so many levels of frustration!

Oh yeah before I let you go... did I mention she peed on me.. but it was my fault... I guess when she decided jumping on mommy was a fun exerecise.. I should have made sure that she had a "clean" diaper on... it was a good laugh and we both had to clean up and change clothes... ahhh the good times!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Here are some snapshots of our trip.. this was a great trip, and Shivani really got to bond with her ammuma and appupa (grandma and grandpa)... it was hard to leave since they were all so teary eyed! Don't you just love the shades? Very adorable, that's my girl!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Long vacations!

ahh vacation... it's nice... and we are staying a lil bit longer with grandma and grandpa.. having a good time, and since D was so nice.. we get to stay a bit longer... :)

Hope everyone is doing well.. it's going to be in the 70s this weekend here! yeah!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sigh...we made it

We made it... which in and of itself isn't a huge deal... but the first time that I fly with a 6 month old, we are delayed 2 hours which felt like 2222 hours... and then once we get to the state in which we are visiting on the east coast... we are like 6 inches from landing when all of a sudden the pilot pulls the plane STRAIGHT back up into the air.... kinda freaked me out, but it was because another plane was on the tarmac still... everything delayed.. luckily no harm... than goodness.. the flight attendants doted on baby, and totally helped me out and made my flight bearable even with the delays etc... baby girl was just fine.. upset a little bit because mommy did not get her the bottle right at the stroke of 3:30.... but otherwise just played.. she slept like 30 mins on the flight..

My parents FINALLY got high speed internet... last year i was dialing up when i visited them.. so there was only one post when i was on vacation...

we miss d, baby misses daddy... but we will chat with you soon!
Hope anyone travelling with kids really needs to... it's really tough, and definitely draining, but to see the smile on grandpa and grandma's face was SO TOTALLY worth it.

Sorry about any spelling or other grammatical errors...