Saturday, December 26, 2009

When plans go awry

What a heck of a week!!

We celebrated Christmas on the 24th this year since D was working on the 25th. But like the old adage goes... when you plan, God laughs... well D and Lil S got very sick with a stomach virus. They have since recovered, very tired, but overall much better than on Christmas day.

The baby and I remain unscathed (so far). She had a good first Christmas despite all the running around I had to do to help D and Lil S recover.

She played and got a lot of one on one time since the other 2 were passed out sleeping.

Lil S was very happy about Christmas, and she said the prayers at dinner (which are so simple and sweet)... All in all it was a good Christmas, but just not exactly what we planned for...

Hope everyone out there had a good Christmas (or holidays!)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Update right before Christmas

We got back to Oz! Safe and sound!

Didn't love Qantas... lots of issues, but eh.. I guess traveling right before the holidays will always put people in bad moods!

We're slowly readjusting to the heat here.. Last week it was up to 102 before noon!

Well only a few more days til Christmas (and we're celebrating on Christmas Eve - D works Christmas Day) and I better help wrap the presents!

Lil S and Baby M are doing well! S cannnnnnot wait until Santa arrives! All she wants this year is a Corinne Princess doll! She's telling us to tell him every day that she's been super good!

Baby is just getting so round and cute every day!

I've unlocked this blog, but the kids blogs will stay locked, so if you want to see their pages (and I know you) just email me and let me know


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!