Monday, February 28, 2005

Making the Bed

I hate doing it. I mean what's the point? I just will mess it up when I take a nap (they are frequent these days) and also when I lay to go to sleep for the night. The only time I see myself scrambling to make the bed is when company comes over. I can't leave an undone bed when PEOPLE are coming to see the house. It makes me cringe. I don't know why.

I am not an overly messy person, but my husband on his good days is OCD clean freak. He loves to have a super clean house. I don't mind that. I just am not a supercleaner. I think I should make him a cape to wear when he gets in his cleaning mode, he would look so cute. He told me once that he wore a cape and sang Prince songs. I want to re-create that moment, and in the process have a clean house.

Should change the sheets, even the cats are covering them

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Gee, I don't know...

I was kinda sad about the Oscars. I am very happy that Jamie Foxx won for Ray, and also Morgan Freeman. Didn't see either of the movies yet, but hey they were always good.

I was rooting for Kate Winslet, I liked her in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, oh well.

The dresses were kinda blah, some of the ladies looked like champagne. But I did like Virginia Madsen's (she was nominated for Sideways) blue dress, it was couture something, but it was different from all the others.

I love that the presenters and winners got some really nice gift bags with more goodies worth more than I will probably make in a year in any job. From what I have seen they have weekend trips, to exotic locales, spa weekends, etc. Or maybe I am just cheap. I guess I have really been spending it on, crap, like food, I should take the next $3000 and get some diamond studded socks with my name on them.

Oh I must sound bitter... I promise when I get an Oscar that I will thank all you little people.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

My groupies! Can't wait to see you guys in Denver April 20th!!! Posted by Hello

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What the hell

So just starting the blog, have been pushing some English transplants (ppl who moved from here to England.. thought they were too good to live stateside) to blog. they did, so now I feel that I should too.

Some blogs are nice, some are not.

I have a few that I really really like. they are mostly about parenting blah blah. I am going to be one myself (not a blog, a parent you nitwits) in about 5 months or so, but I don't think I will make this STRICTLY about babies and puke and vomit. I know there are ppl that report on all this, plus this kid might learn how to read and not be so nice to me when they start their blog at age 3.

Ok well I am trying to figure this thing out, so if you think it's ugly, well too freaking bad.