Friday, June 29, 2007


He thinks that there are better pictures than this, but when I see this picture I know where home is. If you want to use this picture for whatever reason, at least put that Dennis K took it. Thanks

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good times

EDIT : We named the dog SCARLETT TEX (one friend is obsessed with scarlett o'hara and my sis suggested tex)

It suits her well!


Ok I better update! It's been almost a month. I can't believe soon it will have been a month since we left Texas and well the US.

I just turned 28 yesterday. We went out to a nice dinner sans baby, and then out to the local casino where we won about $150. It was great, we left without spending our winnings!

We miss home, but here it's a lot like home, so while we miss family and friends we have been adapting pretty well. We have friends here and are enjoying taking LiL S out to play everyday in the fantastic weather. Since it's winter here there is no HEAT yet, that will come Jan-March here.

We have a new addition to the household of the canine variety. It's a girl and she is 4 years old. She is a Terrier Mix.

We still haven't named her yet, so if anyone has a suggestion please let us know. The above picture was taken while she was trying to sleep. We want to give her either an Australian name or a Texan name or a combo...