Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Catch-up post

Wow, so much has happened since I last posted... but I've been kept too busy to really have a second to blog about it...

Lil S started school. Here it's called 3 year old kindy, and she absolutely loves it! See more on her blog! Also because she has to get up earlier, she ends up having to go back to having a nap time (otherwise she is SUPER grouchy the rest of the day.. did I say how much I love having naptime back????I LOVE IT!)

On the baby front, in about week 15 I felt a few of baby #2's movements.. not major ones... just every once in a while.. but sleep is out the window..I can't get comfortable.. so I end up napping during Lil S's nap time a lot now!

I've been tutoring a couple sweet girls here. They are really a lot of fun to work with and I love it... I know I'm a good teacher, I just hate the bureaucratic stuff!

We're gearing up to go on our vacation to Tasmania and Melbourne soon. We are excited!

Also please keep the people affected in Melbourne by the fires in your thoughts or your prayers... the whole situation is so horrifying and so sad!

That's really about all for now, and I can't wait to watch my copy of SD Millionaire! I just need to get a day or evening and just watch it! Can't wait!