Saturday, July 30, 2005

Family Bonding

My mom's coming in today and staying forever (well til December)!!! I am so excited (really, she is the best mom ever, better than Donna Reed)... she is coming to lend us a hand(s) when this baby decides to arrive.

Also I will be getting cooking lessons, I am so excited, I am sure that I will have to taste test a lot to make sure that the recipe is exact... you know with these high altitude directions everything is just tweaked around a lil bit.

And then my sis and bro-in-law will be coming thru mid-aug, and then Dad should be here at Labor Day weekend! I can't wait... I wish everyone would be here at the same time... (can you say family portrait?) But I will just be happy to see everyone, but it's not like they want to see me.... it all about BABY now!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Happy Anniversary, Dear!

So the hubby and I went to the doc's this AM, and it was nice, the DOC was "measuring" and I had to have D hold me down, how embarrassing. All so the doc could tell me I was 1 cm dilated and NO NO NO effacement.

How nice. I wake up early (well earlier than I usually do this summer) and get probed by the doc, while hubby is there, on our anniversary. Nothing says I love you like getting probed while your husband watches...

I know I sound so whine-y lately here, and I apologize. If you saw me in person now you would HEAR how whine-y I am too... it's bad.

And why is it, when I tell the hubby that I don't like ham, he goes to the deli, and gets 1 lb ham? really? is that just to piss me off into labor? in that case he's doing good!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Still not here YET

Here is a good laugh.... it's of our "manx" cat (our youngest), and since he doesn't have a tail (he was born that way) he can sit up like a human. I think his spine HAS to be made out of JELLO.

The BABY is still not here yet, I hope it comes this week.. I want the baby to have a July b-day... so babydaddy and baby could have co-b-days... ;)

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary this week on July 27/28 (we had 2 ceremonies) probably not doing anything but PRAYING that the kid leaves the womb that day.

Then my MOM lands on the 30th. I am so excited about her coming. I can't wait. I wish my parents lived closer, plane tickets and all that jazz suck.

My sis might be moving too, and it's a long distance as well, so my whole family will be spread all over the country... It's tough, but since hubby and I have done a LOT of the travelling in the last 5 years or so to be with family at various times, we figure now, THEY OWE US... I personally don't really want to be travelling with an infant, plain and simple and neither does he. So at this time, if you want to see us, come and visit. Don't expect us to do all night drives anymore, or 16 hours at a stretch... we love our family/friends, but it's time for them to come out here :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Babies and Weddings

So it's the 20th, 11 days til the DUE DATE, but the DUE DATE is a bunch of shit.

WHY?... cause that's when they (devilish doctors) THINK you are DUE, but really they LIE, and they LIE BAD.

I think maybe the heat is getting to me or something, maybe I am going delirious? I don't know, but I don't like being told that I will go over my DUE DATE. It's not a nice thing to tell someone who feels like her whole lower body is going to EXPLODE.

Ok, that's all, and the ice cream was soo good, I need more though, and I think after I have this kid, and my stomach goes back to regular size I am going to eat as much as I want just because I can, and worry about working out later.

Also a congrats to my friend, BREE, she called today and told me she is engaged to get married, and while I might not be able to attend the ceremony (it's out of state) I am so happy for her and wish her the best, and of course she better send me pictures, she is really bad about pictures. I will have to tell her hubby to teach her how to use a digital camera!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Tubful of Ice Cream

I am thinking that any day now it will happen, and when I went into the doc's today, he looks and me and tells me most likely I will go over my due date. (ARGH!)

So I have secretly talked with the kiddo and told it to come now, like today would be fine. I just want to prove the doctor that I am not going to have a late baby. It will be fashionably early.

I am so sick of the 90+ degrees weather, the afternoon clouds, that just make it more humid, and almost never release rain. I am so sick of moving like a slug and having my hubby imitate that in public.

Oh please send something like a smoke signal or a prayer or something, so that this kid gets the show on the road. I am not patient. Oh no, not at all. I think I might miss the baby inside me, NOT, I think it was a neat experience being pregnant, but I am over that... way over it. I now just want to hold it and look at it, and maybe one day ask it to mow the lawn so Hubby can hang with me...

Next baby we have will be a winter or a spring baby, no more of this craptastic hot weather and pregnancy.

Anyone have ice cream? I need a tubful. Thanks!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bloody Hell, what's next?

I pray that this insanity stops.

London, even though I have not walked your streets my heart bleeds today for your loss.

Stay strong, fight back.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Deep Thoughts?

(another one from my xanga site)

Ahhh... I am so ready for the new year. This coming fall is going to be so hard. I hate knowing that I know what's coming, but really having no idea. I have heard from many parents on how hard it's going to be, and you are never really prepared. I feel like the hubby and I are prepared somewhat. I mean we haven't had any kids before, but we have pets, and we have been around lots of family and friends that have kids. I know I know that it's NOT the same.

I just think at this point I know what I want to do, and how I want to raise my child, I just hope I can follow through and carry it out. We'll see, either that or you will see the CHILD raising me and hubby. (sometimes I hear that's the way it REALLY works)

Gosh I wonder why all these "deep thoughts" are coming out, must be the hormones.

Sunday, July 03, 2005


(This is my post from my Xanga site)

So I got to thinking, *yes I know*
and I was wondering about what makes people change, and not for the better.

I never understood it. I am not saying that I am perfect. But I know when I make a mistake or hurt someone. I might not always be perfect about the way I handle situations, but I try to make an honest effort to right things. You know the whole karma thing.

Lately I am thinking that some people aren't worth the effort that I have. I have a baby coming and a husband, and a house, and school and so many other things going on, that negative people just can't claim my attention anymore.

This is part of my reply to CYTOSTEPH's xanga entry :
"It's hard to accept that sometime friendships aren't what they used to be, or even to accept that people change. A good friend of mine has told me that you shouldn't feel bad for not keeping all the ppl you ever knew as friends as that is a lot of work, but especially the ones that don't show they are friends to you. There was someone in a church group that I thought was a good friend actually someone I tried to mentor, and I found out she was saying horrible things about me to other people. I don't need to waste time confronting her or even worrying. I have so much good and so many wonderful people in my life, that if she is talking about me I could care less. It doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt, but it's sad that this person couldn't come to me and tell me. She has this problem and has pretty much alienated herself and her husband from the whole group of friends, so I know it wasn't something I really did."

And it's not ONLY this person, there have been many people in the past and present that aren't what they appear to be, and I, as I have gotten older, have to be more careful of who I let in my life.

With this baby coming I want to be a better person, and that means surrounding myself with good friends and family. People who support me and tell me like it is TO MY FACE, not shitting on me behind my back. I have always tried to do the same thing.

OK this was kinda deep, so I will stop before I overuse the noggin!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Redeemed or NOT?

So the hubby has redeemed himself. A card and flowers seemed to do the trick this time :)

I think we are just ready for the anticipation of the arrival of the "bundle of joy" to go away, and to actually have the baby here in our arms so we can figure out waht kinds of havoc it will wreak on us! and that we also have frayed nerves. Not to mention Hubby is in the LAST semester of school to finish his masters, and is still working.

I am out to ya ya pregnant with baby, and it's hot as hell here in Colorado and the mosquitoes just piss me the hell off!

I just melted down last night.. well the middle of the night actually. But for now all is well with the world, and hopefully I can get to sleep tonite.

So the nursery is almost done, once I get my memory card for my new camera and stuff I promise to take oodles of pics for ppl who are interested to see the room. And I will take some last minute preggo pictures.

So the hubby found THIS and THIS, and now I am not so sure he should be redeemed, what do you think Internet?