Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Tubful of Ice Cream

I am thinking that any day now it will happen, and when I went into the doc's today, he looks and me and tells me most likely I will go over my due date. (ARGH!)

So I have secretly talked with the kiddo and told it to come now, like today would be fine. I just want to prove the doctor that I am not going to have a late baby. It will be fashionably early.

I am so sick of the 90+ degrees weather, the afternoon clouds, that just make it more humid, and almost never release rain. I am so sick of moving like a slug and having my hubby imitate that in public.

Oh please send something like a smoke signal or a prayer or something, so that this kid gets the show on the road. I am not patient. Oh no, not at all. I think I might miss the baby inside me, NOT, I think it was a neat experience being pregnant, but I am over that... way over it. I now just want to hold it and look at it, and maybe one day ask it to mow the lawn so Hubby can hang with me...

Next baby we have will be a winter or a spring baby, no more of this craptastic hot weather and pregnancy.

Anyone have ice cream? I need a tubful. Thanks!