Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Emo Guy

I just finished watching the time delayed American Idol over here, and I really hope Emo Guy wins.

Oh you don't know who I'm talking about? David Cook! Me LOVES his music!

I thought of the girls Syesha Mercado was good too, the others either fell flat or were just like the other pop crap out there. David Archuleta was good, but he was forgettable like Clay Aiken...

Not that I am simon cowell or anything, but I just have to say that for a person (like me) that hates most every reality tv show, for me to tune in and give a crap is pretty rare.

I love David Cook's singing style, he is versatile, and he's from the same town as the 2 most wonderful people I know outside of my immediate family (Aunt Helen and Uncle John).

*** GO ST. LOUIS***

Hopefully he will win, and I may have faith to watch American Idol next year.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

5 things you may not know about me

I've been tagged by Susan, aka Stella, author of The Vegan Tree House.
1. I have to tell you 5 things about myself that you may not know.

2. I have to tag 5 other bloggers. Let's get those bloggers out of the way first:

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Fives things you may not know about me:

1. Until I was about 12, I wanted to be an lawyer to the point I was obsessed. At 15 or so that changed to want to be a forensic pathologist (also an obsession), after entering college, and getting a degree in elementary education, I eventually learned that I would be best suited to the field of nursing, where I am still attempting to get a degree.

2. I really have a burning desire to be creative. I want to be an artist, a writer, a poet, a knitter/crocheter, but every time I have tried I just think it ("it" being my attempts at said activities) sucks. So maybe one day I will have something come out that’s brilliant, but with my luck it will be posthumous (like all the greats).

3. When I was little, I watched 1950 and 60s television programs almost exclusively (well minus the Jetsons and Flintstones), and my favorites were I Love Lucy, My Three Sons, The Donna Reed Show, and The Monkees. (Stella, this is sick that we had almost the same tv-watching schedule as kids, but I bet you also watched Dallas!)

4. I have sometimes thought I was of Portuguese descent since India was invaded/converted way back when near the area my family is from, in Kerala. Probably not, but I probably will never know since the records I know of are just back to the time of my great great grandfather and all were, as far as I know, 100% Indian.

5. Probably my favorite thing to do in the world is read and watch movies (almost anything and everything). I think that a great book and a great movie (which is pretty rare) was Gone with the Wind.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bluebell Lorena

(pic of Bluebell when she was at the RSPCA)

Introducing Bluebell Lorena.... she was adopted from our local RSPCA. We are now a complete pet family! The dog has not been formally intrduced except through the door. We anticipate a few days of hissing and spitting and then they should hopefully get along.

Lil S is in love with her, and still calls her "kitty".. but is slowly getting used to her new name.. if you click on her name you will see the inspiration for it... Lorena was picked by D, not me, but it sounded good with Bluebell. Now Lil S says "adowable" (adorable) every time the kitten meows or just is sitting there.

So Scarlett Tex has a lil 11 week old kitten sister name Bluebell Lorena.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Getting cooler

It's already been a few weeks since work has been over, and it's been pretty nice. We are getting some fun house projects completed, and the lil one is also having lots of fun with both of us home when D has his days off.

We go to the park and run around every evening. The weather has turned crisp in the evening, and we even get to wear a light jacket. It's seriously exciting to have to do that after celebrating Christmas with 105 plus degrees Fahrenheit weather.

Just staying busy and running aroud the house and reading tons of books. That's the one indulgence during naptime and night time... I really should sleep, but reading is so awesome! :)
Hopefully with this wonderful weather the hubs will grill out this 4 day break :)