Sunday, April 13, 2008

5 things you may not know about me

I've been tagged by Susan, aka Stella, author of The Vegan Tree House.
1. I have to tell you 5 things about myself that you may not know.

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Fives things you may not know about me:

1. Until I was about 12, I wanted to be an lawyer to the point I was obsessed. At 15 or so that changed to want to be a forensic pathologist (also an obsession), after entering college, and getting a degree in elementary education, I eventually learned that I would be best suited to the field of nursing, where I am still attempting to get a degree.

2. I really have a burning desire to be creative. I want to be an artist, a writer, a poet, a knitter/crocheter, but every time I have tried I just think it ("it" being my attempts at said activities) sucks. So maybe one day I will have something come out that’s brilliant, but with my luck it will be posthumous (like all the greats).

3. When I was little, I watched 1950 and 60s television programs almost exclusively (well minus the Jetsons and Flintstones), and my favorites were I Love Lucy, My Three Sons, The Donna Reed Show, and The Monkees. (Stella, this is sick that we had almost the same tv-watching schedule as kids, but I bet you also watched Dallas!)

4. I have sometimes thought I was of Portuguese descent since India was invaded/converted way back when near the area my family is from, in Kerala. Probably not, but I probably will never know since the records I know of are just back to the time of my great great grandfather and all were, as far as I know, 100% Indian.

5. Probably my favorite thing to do in the world is read and watch movies (almost anything and everything). I think that a great book and a great movie (which is pretty rare) was Gone with the Wind.



I never watched the monkees. Hmmm now I can figure out you might be older than me! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucy! They are the funniest ever! I've seen ever episode a zillion times!