Friday, April 29, 2005

Why couldn't it be ME???

Yes yes, as you all have heard now Katie Holmes and my hubby are dating... oops I meant Tom Cruise.

She is sOOOOOOO lucky. But why not me? I am cute (out of shape, yeah) but I am also a year younger than her.

I also have anonymity, I can give him privacy, she is still in Hollywood.

(*sigh*) I have loved him longer, and I will be sad if they get married, but weirdly enough I do think they look very striking together. Hmmmm...

Maybe he is really trying to find me out here, and has to go through all these beautiful Hollywood types til he finds me.

Congrats Katie. I wish I was you...

oops.. hope hubby doesn't read this one :)

and if he does.. HONEY you look WAY better than he does!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Head's up?!

Well went to the doc today (we have to see all 5 of the docs there, so today it was a woman doc), and they told me that I was 26 weeks and 3 days along. I asked the nurse if the due date was still the same, she looked at her computer and said that it said 26 weeks and 3 days. Well when lil old me calculated that out, it shows as a week earlier... JULY 31 instead of August 8th.

That's also hubby's b-day. So while I am excited about baby and daddy sharing the same birthday it would have been nice to have been clued in earlier about all this.

I will have to double check as now I am worried that I won't even make it past July 4th, much less the 31st...

Anyway, not much going on here otherwise, just chilling out pretty much, it's raining here and it's a rare occasion that we get rain so I might go and watch it.

P.S. only 2 more months til MY b-day!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

In my head

I need a better line than, " I am so tired."

I really am, but why? I guess what I SHOULD do is have a reason to be tired. I get a relatively good amount of sleep. I need to exercise. Then I would be justified in feeling tired, not only that but I think I would feel better. I guess I should count running up and down all the steps in this house (really you would think it was an art gallery with as many steps as we have) as much as I do. That's going to be fun when we have to make them into hurdles with the gates when the kiddo gets to crawling or walking.

I think I also have an excuse since I am doing all the carrying in this pregnancy, hubby doesn't carry anything ALL day long, does he (he says it's me nagging him to do something around the house... )

Ok... well enough excuses, I should know better. Tomorrow I am going to try my best not to say " I'm so tired." .... BUT i do have a test and a practical (well pretty much another test) for 2 classes... I will report and tell you if i broke down. I hope not, but we'll see... (wow see the faith I have in myself)

Ok not the end of the world of a topic as I had initally thought, but I am getting tired of being tired and I thought if I said I wasn't tired that I wouldn't be.

Geez this is the crap that's in my head.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Wyoming day

Have you ever felt like it was a long ass day? I have and today was.

Wyoming is beautiful, (I wonder why there is only maybe 400,000 people there total?) So many picturesque qualities.

There is this town in Wyoming, called Chugwater, that is practically giving their land away... not sure of the exact price (I think like $100 bucks an acre) but the only catch is that you have to commit to living there 2 years. I guess this is to boost the local economy. The town at this time has maybe 260 people. I wonder how many people can/will move there? It didn't look like there was much to offer in the town jobwise, and it's hardly commutable to a bigger city. I think Cheyenne was at least 50 miles away.

I might be wrong in all this, but hey I think it's commendable, and I think it's awesome that you can own a piece of this country's land for that little. I wish we could move there.. I am sure as a nurse I could find a job, but hubby would have a much harder time. Plus it's WAY too windy there... it could have been just TODAY, but somehow I can see sheets and sheets of snow and lots and lots of wind.

But the idea is still there, why can't they[cities/bigger towns] "give" away(or at least make it reasonably priced) the land near the places where we can have the jobs? ( i just went a little parentheses crazy there... haha)

Ok, that was a random blog, but it was my thought for the day. I bid you goodnight.

Again, all the above is as factual as I remember it, but I could be wrong.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

U2 - the aftermath

Fetus totally rocked out, it was awesome!

Yeah I totally rocked out too.. the only bad thing was how TIRED I got.. but totally worth it, this baby has been indoctrinated into the U2 family... Hubby and his BF(no not boyfriend, but best friend) from college are going to the 2nd night (tonite) in Denver and they get to see if they can get close to them on the floor, I hope so then we can have better pictures.

And NO :( we didn't get to meet them last night. But we were very close, as soon as I have some pix (didn't take digital- we were afraid of the camera Nazis, we took as disposable) I will put them up here...

The only thing I was pissed about was all the pot and liquor that people feel that they have to consume. It's disgusting... and on top of that I wonder how they remember the concert or even have a good time.

Also this was the first time they have played ZooStation since the Zoo TV tour...

It was awesome, you who were not there have a right to feel jealous! I am jealous that hubby is going AGAIN tonite, but I am glad that I got to go before Jr/Jrette arrives.

Maybe we can go again, but I don't know if Mom will babysit cause WE want to go to a concert?

Also my congrats go out to our friends Becky and Greg for getting us our VIP seats and the awesome dinner and did I say the awesome VIP seats already! Thanks y'all!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Ahhh... the EVE before I get to see my beloved U2... ( I wonder if they are in the area yet?)

I wonder what kind of toothpaste they use...

I am so excited, I hope we get to meet them... one of our friends scored hubby and me VIP tickets... so can't WAIT!

Ok well have to get some sleep since we will be up ALL day and NIGHT tomorrow.

I will report as soon as I can.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Sleepless nights

Wow, yet another day. What shall my topic be? The eternal suckage of the gasoline prices on my wallet (well really his wallet). Or better yet, about how I can never fall asleep anymore. This is disturbing me, I thought it was because of the test that I had in my Anatomy and Physiology, but alas it was not (I did well, for the geeks who want to know). I think it was my impending sense of doom. I feel that life will NEVER ever be the same, but I don't know how the sameness will become different, does that make any sense... (I didn't think so)

I don't think I am very mature. I still like going to concerts (to my mother's chagrin). I love to eat gobs of ice cream (despite my weight, yet I don't feel that I have "weight issues"). I love to watch old movies and make my hubby watch chick flicks (while later he admits that they are good and made him think-- the latest was "The Notebook", we had a good talk about that one) .

I also just love to do what I want. Is this selfish? Now I have to start putting someone else first, before hubby (stop laughing... there are many days I think of him before me) and me.

Is this a learned thing? I mean my whole life it's been about ME, so how do you go from that to it being about SOMEONE ELSE? (someone TELL ME!!!)

uh oh.. hubby just drove up... gotta make up an excuse about why dinner isn't ready yet...

wish me luck!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bollywood Dreams

Not that I have time for movies, but oh how I love them... I have been re-watching a few of my favorite Bollywood (google Bollywood if you have no clue what I am talking about) movies... I am sure for real movie buffs they remember Laagan. It crossed over into American at the time of the 2003 or 2002 Oscars. It was pretty good, but the modern ones are even better. The thing about Indian (well Bollywood) movies is that they are ALL musicals. I don't think I have seen any (even non-Bollywood) Indian movies where there were zero musical sequences. I think that after that year was when we had, in America, Moulin Rouge and Chicago, and then the musical cinema, in America, was over. I heard the reviews for the Phantom of the Opera movie were not so hot... sad.. I saw it in the theater (live performance) and I thought it was spectacular... I think that there are some that should stay live performance, and some that should be made into movies. I am worried about John Travolta possibly playing drag in the upcoming movie version of Hairspray, that could be scary. We'll see.

** Disclaimer : I am not a theater major or any sort of qualified person in the arts, this is just MY opinion, so if you disagree, be nice. Thank you.

Hehe... funny thought.. you know the word "google" can also be used as a verb.. as in google this or google that, but it's also a proper noun.... (this is the teacher voice inside my head)

P.S. Ok, just remembered a great movie I saw.. and this was a bit of a departure as it was not STRAIGHT bollywood and campy stuff... It's called "The Legend of Bhaghat Singh" I am not sure if I spelled the name right. This was a powerful movie, (true story). If anyone watches it or has seen it, let me know what you thought of it.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Steak and Strawberries

Today was a wonderful day, went to the lake with the dog and hubby. Got a bit tan (I rarely burn) and then had a steak dinner (hey it was on sale at Safeway) and then had strawberries and chocolate for dessert. And guess what? There was NO anniversary, no birthday, no special reason. It was so nice because it was spontaneous. We just reveled in the day. How rare is that? Though I did have to "coerce" him into playing hooky. School sucks on gorgeous days.

I love life.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Oy Vey!

I am so freaking tired.. have I said that enough yet, I have a feeling it's a theme here... But really I have good reason to be. I was up at 5 am, at my CNA clinical from 7 am - 3pm, and then at my chemistry lab from 6 pm to 9 pm (and that was for a practical.. a test) PLUS I have to get a paper done, a write-up for a lab tomorrow, and homework in same lab, talk about BUSY... but again this goes back to procrastination, I tend to do that a lot. I have got to stop that. But how... ?(insert whiny voice here)

Ok so instead of this blogging crap that I am doing now, I should be researching lung volumes and respiration, but how appetizing and interesting does that sound when I wish I were snug in a bed and having my eyes lusciously closed and just resting... oh that sounds better than chocolate. hmmm... zzzzzzz... Thunk.... (that was my head hitting this desk)... back to work!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

So what?

I don't understand ambivalence. You either do or you don't.

Dicuss this amongst yourselves. Maybe I will come back and expand on this, but this way it seems more profound. I have been looking to become more profound. Good Luck.

I am back, here is something else I don't get : "irreconcilable differences"?
1) it seems redundant
2) Can't most differences be worked out? Lately it seems that it's the easiest cop-out
and it's a great way to avoid talking and learning from past mistakes.
3) I need to stop reading celebrity gossip.

Here is a funny for the day.

I was helping out at my college yesterday to bring awareness to college students that they need to drink responsibly. We asked students to sign a pledge saying that they would not drink and drive, they would be the designated if their friends had been drinking, and that they would try to be more responsible. This was to prevent tragedies, similar to the ones that have recently happened in Colorado universities, from ever happening again

Well the funny part is coming. A brunette was walking by and I asked her,"Would you like to pledge?" and before I could explain exactly what she would pledge for, she replied," I can't, I am a Delta Zeta."

I almost fell out of my chair laughing when she walked off.

(added note : we had signs stating what it about, and if you know me, you KNOW that I am not and was never in the sorority/fraternity scene or had anything to do with the greek system on campus, the one I am at now, and my previous univ, the university of Texas at Austin, ---- I miss that place so much!)

Saturday, April 02, 2005


The reason for the name of this Site Posted by Hello

Someone told me to clue them in to why this site was named the way it was. I love to collect cows.. usually the black and white variety... I have quite a few, and now, in our new home, they are in the guest bedroom, looks a little bit Country, but that's ok, being OUT here it fits in just perfect!

This all started because of my Sister, RMR, she gave me a little Mary Moos collectible cow for the occasion of my engagement to Hubby. Ever since then I have been obsessed, even had one as my cake topper at my Catholic wedding.

Mooing Continued

My collection (continued) (they are above the care bears) Posted by Hello

I also loved the Care Bears, yes yes I am giving them to the baby when he/she is older. It will have a little army of all MY toys...