Thursday, April 21, 2005

U2 - the aftermath

Fetus totally rocked out, it was awesome!

Yeah I totally rocked out too.. the only bad thing was how TIRED I got.. but totally worth it, this baby has been indoctrinated into the U2 family... Hubby and his BF(no not boyfriend, but best friend) from college are going to the 2nd night (tonite) in Denver and they get to see if they can get close to them on the floor, I hope so then we can have better pictures.

And NO :( we didn't get to meet them last night. But we were very close, as soon as I have some pix (didn't take digital- we were afraid of the camera Nazis, we took as disposable) I will put them up here...

The only thing I was pissed about was all the pot and liquor that people feel that they have to consume. It's disgusting... and on top of that I wonder how they remember the concert or even have a good time.

Also this was the first time they have played ZooStation since the Zoo TV tour...

It was awesome, you who were not there have a right to feel jealous! I am jealous that hubby is going AGAIN tonite, but I am glad that I got to go before Jr/Jrette arrives.

Maybe we can go again, but I don't know if Mom will babysit cause WE want to go to a concert?

Also my congrats go out to our friends Becky and Greg for getting us our VIP seats and the awesome dinner and did I say the awesome VIP seats already! Thanks y'all!!!



We used to go to concerts all the time when I was preggo... My husband is also a drummer, and I'd go to parties where his band was playing and stand right next to the speakers. I was always afraid that my baby would be hearing impaired or something.

Alas, she is fine, and is a music lover today!

Moo Moo

Yeah the last time we went to U2 back in 2001, hubby and I were up in the front( right in front of The Edge) and the huge speakers nearly made us deaf. This time around I had to have a seat as I couldn't stand for maybe more than 2 songs at a time. But the baby loved it, and I am glad. I hope I don't have to listen to Barney for the next 4 years. I will go crazy!