Monday, April 18, 2005

Sleepless nights

Wow, yet another day. What shall my topic be? The eternal suckage of the gasoline prices on my wallet (well really his wallet). Or better yet, about how I can never fall asleep anymore. This is disturbing me, I thought it was because of the test that I had in my Anatomy and Physiology, but alas it was not (I did well, for the geeks who want to know). I think it was my impending sense of doom. I feel that life will NEVER ever be the same, but I don't know how the sameness will become different, does that make any sense... (I didn't think so)

I don't think I am very mature. I still like going to concerts (to my mother's chagrin). I love to eat gobs of ice cream (despite my weight, yet I don't feel that I have "weight issues"). I love to watch old movies and make my hubby watch chick flicks (while later he admits that they are good and made him think-- the latest was "The Notebook", we had a good talk about that one) .

I also just love to do what I want. Is this selfish? Now I have to start putting someone else first, before hubby (stop laughing... there are many days I think of him before me) and me.

Is this a learned thing? I mean my whole life it's been about ME, so how do you go from that to it being about SOMEONE ELSE? (someone TELL ME!!!)

uh oh.. hubby just drove up... gotta make up an excuse about why dinner isn't ready yet...

wish me luck!