Tuesday, April 26, 2005

In my head

I need a better line than, " I am so tired."

I really am, but why? I guess what I SHOULD do is have a reason to be tired. I get a relatively good amount of sleep. I need to exercise. Then I would be justified in feeling tired, not only that but I think I would feel better. I guess I should count running up and down all the steps in this house (really you would think it was an art gallery with as many steps as we have) as much as I do. That's going to be fun when we have to make them into hurdles with the gates when the kiddo gets to crawling or walking.

I think I also have an excuse since I am doing all the carrying in this pregnancy, hubby doesn't carry anything ALL day long, does he (he says it's me nagging him to do something around the house... )

Ok... well enough excuses, I should know better. Tomorrow I am going to try my best not to say " I'm so tired." .... BUT i do have a test and a practical (well pretty much another test) for 2 classes... I will report and tell you if i broke down. I hope not, but we'll see... (wow see the faith I have in myself)

Ok not the end of the world of a topic as I had initally thought, but I am getting tired of being tired and I thought if I said I wasn't tired that I wouldn't be.

Geez this is the crap that's in my head.



your body is working for two...and one is growing reeeaaalllyy fast. you have a reason to be tired! take it easy! don't pick up any poop. :)