Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Head's up?!

Well went to the doc today (we have to see all 5 of the docs there, so today it was a woman doc), and they told me that I was 26 weeks and 3 days along. I asked the nurse if the due date was still the same, she looked at her computer and said that it said 26 weeks and 3 days. Well when lil old me calculated that out, it shows as a week earlier... JULY 31 instead of August 8th.

That's also hubby's b-day. So while I am excited about baby and daddy sharing the same birthday it would have been nice to have been clued in earlier about all this.

I will have to double check as now I am worried that I won't even make it past July 4th, much less the 31st...

Anyway, not much going on here otherwise, just chilling out pretty much, it's raining here and it's a rare occasion that we get rain so I might go and watch it.

P.S. only 2 more months til MY b-day!


sarcastic journalist

Unfortunately, there is pretty much a 20 day window the baby can come in.

Isn't it horrible?? These babies should come on the day they are told.

Moo Moo

I agree! I see me at the movie theater watching War of the Worlds this summer for the 15th time (diehard Tom Cruise fan here) and then the baby decides to make an appearance.


they said Avery was two weeks ahead... guess when she arrived? on her due date! argh! i think everyone does not believe that they will make it. i was expecting her everyday past 30 weeks!