Sunday, April 24, 2005

Wyoming day

Have you ever felt like it was a long ass day? I have and today was.

Wyoming is beautiful, (I wonder why there is only maybe 400,000 people there total?) So many picturesque qualities.

There is this town in Wyoming, called Chugwater, that is practically giving their land away... not sure of the exact price (I think like $100 bucks an acre) but the only catch is that you have to commit to living there 2 years. I guess this is to boost the local economy. The town at this time has maybe 260 people. I wonder how many people can/will move there? It didn't look like there was much to offer in the town jobwise, and it's hardly commutable to a bigger city. I think Cheyenne was at least 50 miles away.

I might be wrong in all this, but hey I think it's commendable, and I think it's awesome that you can own a piece of this country's land for that little. I wish we could move there.. I am sure as a nurse I could find a job, but hubby would have a much harder time. Plus it's WAY too windy there... it could have been just TODAY, but somehow I can see sheets and sheets of snow and lots and lots of wind.

But the idea is still there, why can't they[cities/bigger towns] "give" away(or at least make it reasonably priced) the land near the places where we can have the jobs? ( i just went a little parentheses crazy there... haha)

Ok, that was a random blog, but it was my thought for the day. I bid you goodnight.

Again, all the above is as factual as I remember it, but I could be wrong.