Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Zyrtec dreams

ahhh.. Texas is so nice.. without the benefit of allergies... it's so much easier to breathe too..

I got on some nice Zyrtec and it really knocks you out.... but oh heck it makes you feel better after you get over being so groggy. I felt like I was swimming all day.

It's so humid here, compared to Colorado. Oh I am sure once we move again we will miss this humidity... NOT.. hehe

Dog got a new home, and we hear she is loving it. She is with the in-laws. I am glad that we get to know how she's doing even though she doesn't live with us now.

Not too much going on...Oh yeah the house is under contract (thank god). It went within a week of being on the market. So we are happy. I can't wait til we don't have to pay mortgage. Very exciting. I used to remember the days that we were wanting a house... the next house we ever buy better be the last. I don't like MOVING at all....

Ok.. off to Zyrtec land.. i mean sleep!

Friday, March 02, 2007

This is what my brain looks like this week. I can't wait til about 2 weeks from now, and this week is but a memory... selling a house is SO MUCH MORE WORK than buying a house... never again!
Then onto Texas. I can't wait... though I have to admit, leaving your home, a place where you brought your baby home to is quite an emotional thing. It's hard, but I know we are going to have an adventure, and now I am looking forward to it.