Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update... a month later almost!

(a picture of my gorgeous girls)

Quick note

We're all doing well!

Baby M is now up to 7 lbs 7.5 ounces, so getting bigger and cuter!!!

I have put up a blog of monthly letters for her.. so far she only has 1 letter there...

Here is the link.

I can't believe how the time moves when you have a small baby in the house again.

Lil S is about to start 4 year old pre-school on the 31st, she's so excited and we even met a couple of the kids that will be in school with her!

Will try to keep updating, but so much time is eaten up with trying to keep up with the everyday stuff :) Isn't that the case with most of us? ;)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


So on the 25th of July, I woke up at about 5am... I thought, oh great... why can I not get a full night of sleep here... well.. it turns out that contractions decided to start right then...

so from 5 am til about 10am they go from 12-10 minutes apart down to 3-2 minutes apart...

at 9 am I called and told the doctor what was going on, they said to come in at 10 am if the contractions held at 2-3 min apart..

needless to say, at 10 am Dad and Mom drove me up to the hospital while my Lil S stayed and hung out her with Aunt RMR and Uncle Seb.

I asked for epidural as soon as I was checked in, received it within that hour.

Dr. Jones was awesome, the numbing agent - not so much!

Then the OB, Dr. Gomez who was checking on baby, told me that with every contraction baby's heartrate was dropping. She thought it was a cord issue. They had given me pictocin, and the next 2 times it was administered they saw that each time baby's heart rate dropped. Dr. Gomez then told me that it would be up to me, but she thought it was a good idea to consider a c-section because if the baby was having issues at this earlier stage of labor, that it might be really traumatic for baby otherwise.

I opted for the c-section, because of her heartrate issues. I didn't want to chance anything with her health.

So they prepped me, and then we were wheeled into the OR... Mom came in with scrubs on, and sat close to me. She seemed very worried, and I just talked to her and told her to breathe. Then as I was talking to her, I hear a scream, and I look up to see this wrinkly lil screaming blood covered baby girl. She was born at 4:50pm.

They take her away (Mom goes over to the baby warmer to see her) and clean her up and get her Apgar scores (9 and 9). She's got a little hat on and bundled up when the nursery nurse brings her over to my head, and I'm able to give her, her very first kiss. I tell her I love her very much. It's when I kiss her that I feel that her cheeks feel like a fluffy little cloud, then I instantly know what her name will be... one that D and I had agreed we both liked, and one that we know that just fits her....

Meghana. (pronounced like Meghan with an Ahh on the end)

Welcome to the world baby girl. We love you so much!