Saturday, December 26, 2009

When plans go awry

What a heck of a week!!

We celebrated Christmas on the 24th this year since D was working on the 25th. But like the old adage goes... when you plan, God laughs... well D and Lil S got very sick with a stomach virus. They have since recovered, very tired, but overall much better than on Christmas day.

The baby and I remain unscathed (so far). She had a good first Christmas despite all the running around I had to do to help D and Lil S recover.

She played and got a lot of one on one time since the other 2 were passed out sleeping.

Lil S was very happy about Christmas, and she said the prayers at dinner (which are so simple and sweet)... All in all it was a good Christmas, but just not exactly what we planned for...

Hope everyone out there had a good Christmas (or holidays!)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Update right before Christmas

We got back to Oz! Safe and sound!

Didn't love Qantas... lots of issues, but eh.. I guess traveling right before the holidays will always put people in bad moods!

We're slowly readjusting to the heat here.. Last week it was up to 102 before noon!

Well only a few more days til Christmas (and we're celebrating on Christmas Eve - D works Christmas Day) and I better help wrap the presents!

Lil S and Baby M are doing well! S cannnnnnot wait until Santa arrives! All she wants this year is a Corinne Princess doll! She's telling us to tell him every day that she's been super good!

Baby is just getting so round and cute every day!

I've unlocked this blog, but the kids blogs will stay locked, so if you want to see their pages (and I know you) just email me and let me know


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So this next month (3 weeks) will be nutso/hectic (traveling/visiting family)... not that posting here didn't already get light with a newborn being in the house... once we get back down under I think it may pick up a bit because it will be 106, and I don't see us being at the park during the afternoon anymore...

But Lil S will start 5 days a week preschool (so that means more driving around)...

I can't believe how quickly a year goes by when there is a little baby in the house... just trying to make it day to day...

Hopefully I'll post again before the new year!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (if I don't get online again before that)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wonderfully wonderful

SO more great news!!! Look over at THIS blog :)

I'm so excited! I can't wait to move back (have I mentioned that one or a million times)!

I'm also nervous...we have to look at school districts now... I can't believe the girl who is my first baby is about to be 5... Time feels so crazy and it's going by so quickly.

Lots of big decisions coming up, from where to move to, to what car to purchase, to my school stuff... Gotta do some research and see what's best for all of us. I'm excited, but also relieved that we have about 6 months to make that transition... albeit via long distance!

Here's to great changes!

Can't wait to see the hubby! He'll be here in less than 2 weeks.

P.S. Did I mention that the baby LOVES to watch football (Longhorns or Cowboys only, thanks)! She sits with her Appupa and coos at the players!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Catch up- catch all!

I guess with all the moving we've done, and will do in the future it made some sense to put this blog to private just to the few of you that occasionally visit...

So the good news is that we're moving back to Texas! So excited.. we left back at the very beginning of 2002 and return mid-2010... so that's about 8 LONG years we've been gone!

I'm so ready! Other than that baby M is doing beautifully, growing big and strong! Lil S is gearing up for Halloween, not sure exactly what/who she wants to be... but I'm sure she will let me know hopefully the day before, and we'll scramble to figure out an outfit!

Hopefully off to the movies soon, lots of great ones out there!

Tell me what y'all have been up to!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Update... a month later almost!

(a picture of my gorgeous girls)

Quick note

We're all doing well!

Baby M is now up to 7 lbs 7.5 ounces, so getting bigger and cuter!!!

I have put up a blog of monthly letters for her.. so far she only has 1 letter there...

Here is the link.

I can't believe how the time moves when you have a small baby in the house again.

Lil S is about to start 4 year old pre-school on the 31st, she's so excited and we even met a couple of the kids that will be in school with her!

Will try to keep updating, but so much time is eaten up with trying to keep up with the everyday stuff :) Isn't that the case with most of us? ;)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


So on the 25th of July, I woke up at about 5am... I thought, oh great... why can I not get a full night of sleep here... well.. it turns out that contractions decided to start right then...

so from 5 am til about 10am they go from 12-10 minutes apart down to 3-2 minutes apart...

at 9 am I called and told the doctor what was going on, they said to come in at 10 am if the contractions held at 2-3 min apart..

needless to say, at 10 am Dad and Mom drove me up to the hospital while my Lil S stayed and hung out her with Aunt RMR and Uncle Seb.

I asked for epidural as soon as I was checked in, received it within that hour.

Dr. Jones was awesome, the numbing agent - not so much!

Then the OB, Dr. Gomez who was checking on baby, told me that with every contraction baby's heartrate was dropping. She thought it was a cord issue. They had given me pictocin, and the next 2 times it was administered they saw that each time baby's heart rate dropped. Dr. Gomez then told me that it would be up to me, but she thought it was a good idea to consider a c-section because if the baby was having issues at this earlier stage of labor, that it might be really traumatic for baby otherwise.

I opted for the c-section, because of her heartrate issues. I didn't want to chance anything with her health.

So they prepped me, and then we were wheeled into the OR... Mom came in with scrubs on, and sat close to me. She seemed very worried, and I just talked to her and told her to breathe. Then as I was talking to her, I hear a scream, and I look up to see this wrinkly lil screaming blood covered baby girl. She was born at 4:50pm.

They take her away (Mom goes over to the baby warmer to see her) and clean her up and get her Apgar scores (9 and 9). She's got a little hat on and bundled up when the nursery nurse brings her over to my head, and I'm able to give her, her very first kiss. I tell her I love her very much. It's when I kiss her that I feel that her cheeks feel like a fluffy little cloud, then I instantly know what her name will be... one that D and I had agreed we both liked, and one that we know that just fits her....

Meghana. (pronounced like Meghan with an Ahh on the end)

Welcome to the world baby girl. We love you so much!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday D!

Happy Birthday D!

You're now 30!

We miss ya, hope you eat a whole cake to celebrate!

your 3 lovely ladies
Mama, Lil S, and Baby M

Monday, July 27, 2009

7 years, no itch!!!

Big Sister giving Baby M a kiss!

Baby M likes her poppi (pacifier) just like big sis used too!

Mama, Lil S, and Baby M

Big Sister S and Little Sister M

Happy 7th wedding anniversary D! I love you, I've loved you for the last 12 years, and every day we've been married has been better than the last. Thank you for both my happy, healthy daughters!

We love you! All your ladies miss you!


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Baby Girl is here!!!

Hello everyone! The kiddo finally arrived today!

25 July 2009
5 lb
7 oz
19" long

Her name is Meghana Eleanor
and she's a Leo :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby #2 Update

Unless baby girl actually decides to come on her own... I will be induced on Tuesday and most likely have baby #2 on Wednesday sometime...

Baby is looking good, and everything is going well, just too cozy, so she doesn't want to leave!

Will update once we can!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hurry up will you!!!

Here we are approaching what I hope is the last week, I hope next week this time the kiddo arrives. I remember passing the due date last time, and every day (for 9 days) I was feeling like it was an eternity. I couldn't wait to meet the lil one and it drove me nuts that she was taking her own time...

I'm patient up til the due date, but after that I just can't wait!

All in all I'm ready. Kinda sorta have a name...

We're just ready. Get here lil one, get here soon!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Background change in honor of impending arrival!

In honor of the impending arrival of baby #2 (oooh still no concrete-100%-for sure name)
I changed the background. This is kinda the color scheme... we'll be roomies, since I'll need to be close. The room is a chocolate color and her bedding and her carseat are all a blue-green and chocolate.. it's so cute and yummy looking. Mom got me the cutest cover for the boppy and it's cupcakes on one side and the other side has chocolate sprinkles... Totally cute and delicious looking!

I can't wait to meet her, and I know Lil S is excited about becoming a big sister! It's all she can talk about and tell complete strangers...

Will update as I can or D or my sis RMR will update.

Any day now! :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

30th birthday presents!

Thank you honey (Dennis) for my sweet birthday roses! They are gorgeous! Lil S approves of the beautiful color as do I!

30 is going to be great (tomorrow)! :)

Edit :

Here's a picture of what my family here in Texas did for me :

(sorry it's all backwards.. but I took the pic on iphoto... but you get the idea!)

They made me a wonderful scrapbook of my 30 years! It's such a wonderful surprise! Thank you! I love it!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hey Shirley...

My lovely husband has given me a nickname... Shirley... and honestly that's about how I feel right now at week 33 of the pregnancy.. (like that huge sheep!) (Plus we LOVE watching this show)

hehe... But he says it with a smile in his eyes, so I always forgive him!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Texas update!

Oooooh! It's been a good week and a half back in the "promised land" of Texas! We've been having a great time visiting with friends and family!

Saw D's Vette, and entered it into a car show and won a trophy! Lil S was so proud! (pictures to come soon!)

We've missed everyone so much this last year! 1 more year to go til we move back!! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're back!!! :)

We got back to the US safe and sound...

Happy to be back and see family and friends!

Trying to get over the jet lag... I'm sure it will take me longer than Lil S!

All is well with baby #2, she's been kicking constantly with approval of all meals (i.e. all of Ammuma's(grandma's) home-cooking!!)

Friday, May 08, 2009

DH - I love you!


Have I told you lately (publically) how much I love my dear Husband? (also love this picture of him looking like he's all mad or something, but he looks so mysterious)

I love you Dennis!

Me :)

Now I'm waiting for the comments where ppl are *gagging*, but hey.. I'm pregnant and hormonal, and I can post whatever the heck I want to!!!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

random but important update!

I will be in Texas mid-may! Soooo excited! That is the big news!!!

Ready to be see friends and family and just relax a bit before baby #2 joins la familia...

So no names yet, and not sharing the list! :)

Lil S is no help as her contributions are Sleeping Beauty or Ariel... not the names we're thinking of... but she's so sweet to contribute.

Just going to get busy and slowly start packing!

Hope everyone who celebrates has a Happy Easter and otherwise have a good long weekend (well at least it is here in Oz)!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What I got in my email today!

I'll let him live another day! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009


I wish I could say this is how I met Dennis. Alas, it is NOT, but I can't imagine why this is news, other than the fact that time, money, energy was wasted. Amazing what comes up in the news nowadays.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Angel in Queens

Why can't we all be like him? I love reading news like this.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Debbie up in NY!

Also Happy Friday the 13th!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idea Emergency

If you're a parent you can tell by the title of this post that I get to watch Imagination Movers on Playhouse Disney with the kiddo...

This is a great idea. Feel good story, and I really hope something the workers suggested really works. They need everyone there to make the whole place work... hopefully Obama will take a lesson from this CEO and make it apply to the whole country.

Great ideas start in the unlikeliest of places.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Baby is a...



face - profile shot

(sorry.. couldn't figure out the scanner, so I just took pics with the Photobooth application on my mac.. they pics are turned around... )

Baby (with about 75% certainty according to the sonographer) is a girl!

Lil S is over the moon as are we. Sisters!

D will be surrounded by women! He loves that!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Bleck and EWWWWW!

Ick, I don't think I could ever stomach this!

Will post later regarding gender of baby #2!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Catch-up post

Wow, so much has happened since I last posted... but I've been kept too busy to really have a second to blog about it...

Lil S started school. Here it's called 3 year old kindy, and she absolutely loves it! See more on her blog! Also because she has to get up earlier, she ends up having to go back to having a nap time (otherwise she is SUPER grouchy the rest of the day.. did I say how much I love having naptime back????I LOVE IT!)

On the baby front, in about week 15 I felt a few of baby #2's movements.. not major ones... just every once in a while.. but sleep is out the window..I can't get comfortable.. so I end up napping during Lil S's nap time a lot now!

I've been tutoring a couple sweet girls here. They are really a lot of fun to work with and I love it... I know I'm a good teacher, I just hate the bureaucratic stuff!

We're gearing up to go on our vacation to Tasmania and Melbourne soon. We are excited!

Also please keep the people affected in Melbourne by the fires in your thoughts or your prayers... the whole situation is so horrifying and so sad!

That's really about all for now, and I can't wait to watch my copy of SD Millionaire! I just need to get a day or evening and just watch it! Can't wait!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time Warp

This was very interesting. I'd never heard of this before...

I'm sure there are a few people I know that would enjoy this!

Would you do this? Is there an era you'd really like to live?

I think I'd go back to the 80s again!

Thanks Stella :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

I am so glad that this day has come! It's the middle of the night here in Oz, but I'm joyously watching all the inauguration proceedings online! It's so thrilling. I don't think even the diehard Republicans are immune to such a time in this country's history. Even outgoing President Bush has said he was excited to have a front row seat to such a historic time. I wish I was in DC now, it's going to be a hell of a day and so wonderful!!

I'm just so thankful it happened. Now's time to see the change that's due.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Take your best guess

OK, so on March 5th we'll be finding out the sex of the baby! We're very excited! But if you'd like to know, then you'll have to guess!! Leave your guess in the poll, but if you'd like to add a comment to expound on your theory as to why it's a girl or a boy feel free.

Here's some info in case any one believes in old wives' tales :

I've been sick the entire 1st trimester (morning sickness is an evil curse) and still have no appetite.

I've lost about 10 kilos (about 20 lbs)

Almost all symptoms are quite different from my first pregnancy with Lil S

and last but not least baby is estimated to be due on July 23, 2009.

Good luck, and we'll probably do another fun naming poll (we're going to keep it to ourselves til we meet baby #2, but it's always fun to guess)

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Homecoming (these are for Courtney)

Stefanie with Adelynn

Classic "Dad" pose

Daddy holding Adelynn while Mama looks on

A very thrilled Mama who is finally happy to be at home with her little girl!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Adelynn is here! Some pictures...

Me holding a sleeping baby Adelynn while Mama Stefanie looks on

Dennis holding baby Adelynn while Shivani is looking to drink up some water!

Mama holding baby Adelynn

Thursday, January 01, 2009

1st Baby of the year (from our friends)

OOOhhhh our friends Stefanie and Randy are having their baby! Mama is in labor right now, please send happy labor (and epidural vibes)!!! It's so exciting! I can't wait to meet their little girl! I bet they can't either!!!

3:00pm (Alice time) : Mama's had the epidural,and is feeling better, their 2 puppies are staying at our house, and Lil S is excited to have 3 puppies to play with right now.

Will update when Baby Dickens arrives!

EDIT : Baby Adelynn Faith has arrived at 8:50pm Alice Springs time today! Happy Birthday little one! Congrats to Stefanie and Randy! New Mama and Daddy!