Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bollywood Dreams

Not that I have time for movies, but oh how I love them... I have been re-watching a few of my favorite Bollywood (google Bollywood if you have no clue what I am talking about) movies... I am sure for real movie buffs they remember Laagan. It crossed over into American at the time of the 2003 or 2002 Oscars. It was pretty good, but the modern ones are even better. The thing about Indian (well Bollywood) movies is that they are ALL musicals. I don't think I have seen any (even non-Bollywood) Indian movies where there were zero musical sequences. I think that after that year was when we had, in America, Moulin Rouge and Chicago, and then the musical cinema, in America, was over. I heard the reviews for the Phantom of the Opera movie were not so hot... sad.. I saw it in the theater (live performance) and I thought it was spectacular... I think that there are some that should stay live performance, and some that should be made into movies. I am worried about John Travolta possibly playing drag in the upcoming movie version of Hairspray, that could be scary. We'll see.

** Disclaimer : I am not a theater major or any sort of qualified person in the arts, this is just MY opinion, so if you disagree, be nice. Thank you.

Hehe... funny thought.. you know the word "google" can also be used as a verb.. as in google this or google that, but it's also a proper noun.... (this is the teacher voice inside my head)

P.S. Ok, just remembered a great movie I saw.. and this was a bit of a departure as it was not STRAIGHT bollywood and campy stuff... It's called "The Legend of Bhaghat Singh" I am not sure if I spelled the name right. This was a powerful movie, (true story). If anyone watches it or has seen it, let me know what you thought of it.