Monday, July 25, 2005

Still not here YET

Here is a good laugh.... it's of our "manx" cat (our youngest), and since he doesn't have a tail (he was born that way) he can sit up like a human. I think his spine HAS to be made out of JELLO.

The BABY is still not here yet, I hope it comes this week.. I want the baby to have a July b-day... so babydaddy and baby could have co-b-days... ;)

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary this week on July 27/28 (we had 2 ceremonies) probably not doing anything but PRAYING that the kid leaves the womb that day.

Then my MOM lands on the 30th. I am so excited about her coming. I can't wait. I wish my parents lived closer, plane tickets and all that jazz suck.

My sis might be moving too, and it's a long distance as well, so my whole family will be spread all over the country... It's tough, but since hubby and I have done a LOT of the travelling in the last 5 years or so to be with family at various times, we figure now, THEY OWE US... I personally don't really want to be travelling with an infant, plain and simple and neither does he. So at this time, if you want to see us, come and visit. Don't expect us to do all night drives anymore, or 16 hours at a stretch... we love our family/friends, but it's time for them to come out here :)