Monday, February 28, 2005

Making the Bed

I hate doing it. I mean what's the point? I just will mess it up when I take a nap (they are frequent these days) and also when I lay to go to sleep for the night. The only time I see myself scrambling to make the bed is when company comes over. I can't leave an undone bed when PEOPLE are coming to see the house. It makes me cringe. I don't know why.

I am not an overly messy person, but my husband on his good days is OCD clean freak. He loves to have a super clean house. I don't mind that. I just am not a supercleaner. I think I should make him a cape to wear when he gets in his cleaning mode, he would look so cute. He told me once that he wore a cape and sang Prince songs. I want to re-create that moment, and in the process have a clean house.

Should change the sheets, even the cats are covering them



i have the same arguement with my mother, (the whole making the bed), she then compares me to my younger brother....then I have to do it, so I look better than him, although when i was his age, i wasn't getting letters from Ivy League thinking of it, i am still questioning if he is part of the family...who else in the family, is that tall, and that smart? hmmmm..intersting.. :)
your fav. lil cuz

Moo Moo

Yeah, hubby isn't as bad thank goodness. I am just paranoid when visitors come, maybe because I think they are judging me. But I think if I just had more time I would. It seems like everyday gets shorter.