Monday, February 28, 2005

Gee, I don't know...

I was kinda sad about the Oscars. I am very happy that Jamie Foxx won for Ray, and also Morgan Freeman. Didn't see either of the movies yet, but hey they were always good.

I was rooting for Kate Winslet, I liked her in Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, oh well.

The dresses were kinda blah, some of the ladies looked like champagne. But I did like Virginia Madsen's (she was nominated for Sideways) blue dress, it was couture something, but it was different from all the others.

I love that the presenters and winners got some really nice gift bags with more goodies worth more than I will probably make in a year in any job. From what I have seen they have weekend trips, to exotic locales, spa weekends, etc. Or maybe I am just cheap. I guess I have really been spending it on, crap, like food, I should take the next $3000 and get some diamond studded socks with my name on them.

Oh I must sound bitter... I promise when I get an Oscar that I will thank all you little people.



Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is like my favorite, I just saw it. I think I just loved it so much cause I suffer from slight retrograde amnesia. Too bad Kate didn't win for that, she was insanely awesome!

Moo Moo

It was a great movie, I think that Jim Carrey should have been nominated too, I guess before I start bashing some of the winners I need to watch all the movies. I am happy that the Incredibles won for best animated film, it was awesome and I am totally going to buy it on March 15. Also Wal-mart usually sells new DVDs for 14 or 15 bucks, and then a week later it goes to regualr price, so buy it the week it comes out.


Yeah, I think Jim Carrey should have been nominated. I think he did an even better job than Kate. I mean his performance on this was so incredible. I watched an interview with him on the movie and he said he was a lot like the character so no wonder he did a good job. I buy all my dvds at Walmart.

Moo Moo

Wal-mart rules!