Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sigh...we made it

We made it... which in and of itself isn't a huge deal... but the first time that I fly with a 6 month old, we are delayed 2 hours which felt like 2222 hours... and then once we get to the state in which we are visiting on the east coast... we are like 6 inches from landing when all of a sudden the pilot pulls the plane STRAIGHT back up into the air.... kinda freaked me out, but it was because another plane was on the tarmac still... everything delayed.. luckily no harm... than goodness.. the flight attendants doted on baby, and totally helped me out and made my flight bearable even with the delays etc... baby girl was just fine.. upset a little bit because mommy did not get her the bottle right at the stroke of 3:30.... but otherwise just played.. she slept like 30 mins on the flight..

My parents FINALLY got high speed internet... last year i was dialing up when i visited them.. so there was only one post when i was on vacation...

we miss d, baby misses daddy... but we will chat with you soon!
Hope anyone travelling with kids really needs to... it's really tough, and definitely draining, but to see the smile on grandpa and grandma's face was SO TOTALLY worth it.

Sorry about any spelling or other grammatical errors...