Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tips please

Edit 2/19/06 : Do I need a bassinet for a 6 month old.. she doesn't lay in the one at home... She only lays in her crib at night? The doc said to give something to drink to the baby on takeoff and landing..? Anything else.. and yes we are flying coach... I wish we were getting in firstclass, wouldn't that be nice. It's like that line from Jerry Maguire, " First class used to be a better meal, now it's a better life"!

Any tips on flying with a 6 month old? Anything essential that I should bring with me? What worked for you? I have always been the person that never wanted to sit next to the "kid" on the plane.. especially the one that was crying.. and now that it's going to be ME... I just wanted to know what's worked... Any advice is appreciated.
So D is recovered, took some time off work, and is on the mend. It was kinda worrisome, but I just wanted him to feel better. So I made sure that he walked around more, held the baby. I hope he is feeling better.

The baby has liked having D home all week. It's been funny, anytime D comes up to her, she lifts her arms up, thinking she is going to get picked up. He thought that was funny, and kept walking up to her, and then away.. she kept lifting her arms up and then let them down.. and then when she figured out what daddy was doing, she started to get upset and fake-cried, then she was picked up and giggled like crazy.

I wish there were jobs that we could be at home for. I am glad I get to stay home and see my baby grow up, but I know that there are days that D wishes he could see more moments. I know there are also days that I wish I got to spend more time with adults and work. I think that this is the best for now, and maybe when she is a bit older that I will work as a nurse.

Thanks for all the comments for D's recovery! Each and everyone was appreciated.
D's co-workers were so awesome and send him a bouquet of yellow (Texas) roses! It was so nice, and family and friends sent cards. We are so lucky with the family and friends we have!