Sunday, May 08, 2005


Scenario Friday : Our neighbor is flooding our yard. Hubby wants to wait and see if they turn off the valve. It has flooded part of our yard, the whole yard behind it (but no one there- foreclosed) and the back of another yard (that does not have a sprinkler system). We have told the lady who owns the home (it has to be them as they are the high point on the block). She said she would talk to her son who installed the sprinkler system to see what could be the issue. Hubby told her that in the meantime they might just want to shut off the valve so the water would stop coming (they haven't yet).

Sooo move onto scenario today :

Hubby went over there today to talk to them. Neighbor's boyfriend was not to thrilled with Hubby for telling him what was going on, and pretty much asked him to leave. But before he left all 3 walked around in THEIR yard, and it is completely SQUISHY, just like the corner of our yard closest to them (but you can also see the standing water in our yard). I think they know their's a problem, but Boyfriend thinks it's more of a "water runoff"... yeah but like 60- 100 gallons? it is no way runoff... runoff would evaporate in this dry Colorado climate. This water is standing and will quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially for those West Nile types, and if they EVEN think I will let that happen...

well it's not.. no way am I jeopardizing the health of my family, pets, etc, just cause I want to be nice and give them time to figure out what to do... the SIMPLE thing for them would be just to SHUT OFF THE MAIN VALVE TO THEIR SPRINKLERS. (they still haven't) ...then they can figure out what went wrong. All I want is for the water to stop coming in our yard. It's a waste and even worse a health hazard.

Hubby spoke with his mom today and she said that when they see their water bill, they will definitely turn off the water.

I just don't want to wait til then. What if the yard floats away? HELP, any ideas?

By the way, Happy Mother's Day!



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since I was not there... as the story was told seemed to be the BF was...

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Do you have a homeowners association for your neighborhood?

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not sure... but the city came out and told us that this is considered a "code violation" and they can have the police come out and fine them... we want to give them a chance to turn the water off.. so maybe tomorrow if they haven't we will talk with the police department and see what legal recourse options we have.