Monday, May 09, 2005

Floods, Part Deux

So.. I wake up this morning and hubby says that CABLE man came over (for neighbors who aren't flooding us) to hook up their cable. The cable box for the block is in our yard. Well hubby told the issue to the cable guy and they went to look at the box. Cable guy agrees with us that it is in no way runoff! The cable box and TELEPHONE box are completely full of water. These IDIOT neighbors can't or won't turn off the water. The stream of water is now in the street in the FRONT yard (cause I guess all of the backs of our yards are so flooded) and all the way down to the end of the block (about 500-600 feet). This is getting so ridiculous. Hubby is calling the city.
So we'll see what they can do, in the end I just hope they get a clue and turn off the water!

Added 12:00noon: The city came out right after the cable man did and told us that this is considered a "code violation" and they can have the police come out and fine them... we want to give them a chance to turn the water off.. so maybe tomorrow if they haven't we will talk with the police department and see what legal recourse options we have, we don't want to be jerks, but I think they are being jerks right now by not turning off the water.

Added 3:00pm: ok, so neighbor's son come to house and we see him and stop to speak with him and show him the issues. He agrees with us that this is NOT runoff... he states that it has to be something else. But the only problem is that all their sprinklers have good water pressure meaning their lines haven't been messed up.. it could be a city water line, a main... MY issue is I know it's not our issue, we turn all of our water off, and whether it's the neighbor's fault or the city's I want this insanity of water to STOP. It's ruining our yard, and eventually I am afraid it will creep into the basement. Son never said if he was going to turn the water off or not.. alluded he might.. so we know nothing.. why is it so hard to turn off the water? please someone clue me in...


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see if you have a homeowners assoication to complain, or maybe call the cops, maybe they can do something.


get out your snorkel and call the cops! hehe

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well today I think they turned the water off.. i can't see water polling around the corner anymore. I think the son turned the water off! Hallelujah!