Wednesday, May 11, 2005


So the flood saga has ended for now, right after our brilliant neighbors turned off the water, it started to hail and rain here.. still cloudy, how is that for Murphy's Law?

Getting ready for the "babymoon", well really it's a graduation (my sis and bro-in-law's) and seeing family and friends... So not really any quality time with hubby by ourselves, but we are such family people I think we will love it anyways.

Hubby said he is feeling achy and tired all over. I told him REPEATEDLY to get a doc's appt, he I think has a secret fear of doctors, but passes it off as he is too busy to see one. I don't want him to hate our vacation just cause he is being a dum dum. But thank goodness we have friends who forked over money and got thru medical school, otherwise how would we have gotten thru the horrendous time we got food poisioning the same day we saw Passion of the Christ. That is a story for another day... oh man... I still can't eat hot dogs.

Well my blog will be intermittent for a few days, but please leave messages I will have some access!

Oh yeah and once we get back.. guess what we have to look forward to? YES YES CHILDBIRTH classes!

I am sure hubby is going to be SO thrilled.

Toodles! and I think I will have blogging withdrawl!



YEA! Coming to see friends! Friends like US! Yea! I cant wait to see you - all preggers and all! :)

Wait - this is when you are coming to see us - right?


you still need to take a visit to florida!

Moo Moo

yes waco is scheduled for Friday the 20th... but I will call you BUQT! :)


take me, take me!! it got cold up here again!! Have fun in Texas, and go by my parents and say hi!