Monday, June 20, 2005

Zoo Donuts

Sorry it's been a few days since the last post, not that I really did THAT much, but it's been getting pretty BIZZZAAAY here.

and NO not in THAT way.

For Father's Day/my and a friend's b-day we went to the Denver Zoo. It is one of my favorite places. I also love watching Animal Planet. I think I should have been a vet, but medical school, whether it be for humans or animals I don't think I can handle it.

Anyway, the day starts out by me giving Hubby a card from the cats he is a proud papa to, and then the card from the ever-growing fetus, and me. He looks appropriately fatherly and tells me thank you, and then OFF WE GO!

Oh yeah did I mention it was like 90 something degrees yesterday, so we do manage to be smart and take a JUG of water (which we polish off in like 2 hours) and sunblock. No burns yesterday.

My favorite was the monkeys *the capuchins were so adorable* Hubby keeps telling me these are my ancestors. And then I look at his feet, which look remarkable like the gorillas we visit next, and I ask him if he really IS Tarzan.

God, the love in this family, let me tell ya.

So the only crappy part that I felt like I was going to die in (which non-pregnant I LOVE) was in the tropical aquaruim thing. It was more humid than Houston in an armpit.
I thought I was going to pass out and then one of the reticulated pythons were going to curl around and EAT ME.

So after about 8 hours of walked around, me and hubby left, got some drinks and dounts (lil chocolate ones) at the gas station and went home. All in all a good day, but tiring.

My mother tells me not to do anything like that for a long while.

I promise, until SHE gets here (aka babysitting baby), I won't go to the Zoo again.

Look at the comment : It's about my B-day. And really I am not kidding, I will be PISSED. No, I am kidding, except for you HUBBY. PRESENTS, WANT PRESENTS.