Saturday, June 04, 2005

BLAH in Blog Waters

It must be something in the blog waters... because as I am sitting here typing I just feel so blah, I have seen SJ's posts, and Indiogirl's posts... and it seems like we are just feeling blah... maybe it's the onset of the summer, I don't know.

I got up yesterday morning EARLY like 6:45ish... and then doodled around until Hubby left for work, and then got back in bed at like 10:30ish, and slept til 12:30noonish, and then doodled around town, and then came back home, called Hubby all panicky since on the news we had like killer tornado storms all around and I didn't want him on the roads any later, and told him to leave RIGHT THEN (he listened, thank God) and NO the killer storms did not kill us, duh.

Then I just laid in bed watching mindless TV... though I thought it was funny that Nicole Kidman had to borrow a co-workers bra to wear to Oprah, she barely has boobies! But Oprah was interrupted 3 times by the killer weather storms.

All in all I laid in bed, and vegged ALL FREAKING DAY. What is wrong with me?

Earlier this week I will report that I did have Braxton-Hicks contractions. Which are kinda painful, but more like a PMSy cramp, not so bad... but you definitely know they are there... and when you lay down and put your feet up and just relax they go away or dissapate... well at least for me they did...

I know I said that we were finally going to paint sometime last weekend, but we were lazy... so we are going to attempt again this weekend. Well I am going to clean out the room, and he will paint cause he is OCD about the wood trim and the fact that he thinks I suck at painting.

I will post pictures once the room looks like a baby can live in it.