Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thanks for a wonderful golden birthday!

YEAH!!!! It's my birthday! hehehehe...

So far so good... I am up watching the Teletubbies with the lil one. She is thrilled!

D got me some of my favorite frappacino for part of the breakfast he is making for me... (where did I get so lucky to get a good man!!)

Did I say how much I am so blessed with the family and friends that I have.

I love you all! Hope you are as blessed!

D made me breakfast in bed (toast with jam, maple syrup flavored sausage, and a fried egg) and OJ... and I got a candle (an ocean breeze type) at breakfast..

We went to the mall and I got a pair of Crocs.. (*black, so they go with everything)... and then came home and we all napped...

ANd then right before dinner (steak, corn on the cob and a baked potato) he told me to go and fix a snack, and when I went to the fridge there were flowers and a birthday card filled with lotto scratch offs.. but we didn't win.. )

And I got the Bambi DVD (i had been bugging him since Christmas)...

So it's been a wonderful day! Just hearing from friends and family, and getting spoiled rotten from D... but then again he always does. He's a prince.

Lil S even gave me a gift.. she let D and I eat dinner together.. she played for about 20 minutes by herself in her play pen.

It's been a perfect day! Thanks again for all the well wishes! I hope everyone had a good day!