Thursday, January 05, 2012

Yeah I know I haven't updated in a million years...

So yeah... it's beeeeeen super light on posting for like EVER... lemme catch up here...

Since last Winter/Spring, we've gone from a mild spring with planting and new trees, to the HELL that was the summer of 2011. It was over 100 days of full on 100 degrees plus (40 Celsius) here. Horrible. It was just bad.

D and I went to Hawai'i while the girls got to spend time with their grandparents. It was a nice vacation, and while we did miss the girls it was nice to go on a vacation with no children... well almost...

We found out in late May/early June that we are expecting baby #3. And in September it was confirmed that baby is a boy! So that's been pretty exciting!

Lil S is in 1st grade now, and absolutely loves it, is enjoying her class and new friends she has made. She is reading at a 2nd/3rd grade level, and overall just has been really doing well in school.

Baby M, now gonna be called Lil M, is just a full on toddler. She has just been talking up a storm, this happened later in age with M than with S, but I've been told many times that 2nd kiddos usually wait to talk. She has a definite opinion on EVERYTHING and isn't afraid to share it. She's very sweet when she wants to be though saying loudly, "I LOVE YOU!!!" Too cute for words!

Baby Boy is due end of January, and we still don't have a name, that's the only issue at this point, just have a few that we kind of agree on, but nothing that we're totally in love with... but once we see him I'm sure we will pick one and that will be it!

Oh I also took Chem 2 and A&P2 in Fall of 2011, and got a 4.0, so that was wonderful! Hard work and studying really do pay off, but it's only because I have a wonderful husband!! :)

For now that's it, we're all just waiting for baby to arrive, and then I'm sure we'll have more posts...

Now to update the girl's letters blog... need to get on that!

Hope everyone is having a great 2012! Happy New Year!



You should post more often.. i need to get on it too.. Probably once i get back and i'll post lots of pics.. Can't wait to meet the baby and finally hear a name!! I better hear it before FB does, lol!