Friday, January 06, 2012

Project 52 - Week 1

Project 52 - Week 1

Metadata: f/5.0, 1/8, ISO 400

Photo info : I cropped the original and used Pioneer Woman's Seventies effect for this look via (Adobe Photoshop) Elements.

Inspired by Styleberry Blog's Project 52, I too wanted to get back into photography, but I knew doing it daily would be tough. Baby #3 is going to be an adjustment and I want to be back into photography as I know it would force me to take and hopefully be in more photos with the kids and husband. I shy away from the camera for many reasons, but I don't want to look back at this time and see virtually zero photos or photos where many of us are not together.

The above photo is of my Meg peeking around the corner after she stole out of the "mudroom" with her big sister's umbrella. She is a very mischievous little imp and this photo captured her as best as I could in the one second she actually stops moving!

I've titled my theme for my project 52 "Peeks". I think it will/can be a peek into my life, or the kids or family or into whatever we're doing. Should be fun and hopefully can keep it up for the year!

Thanks Shawna for opening this up and letting us be a part of it!

Any comments/constructive criticism re:photography is welcome.