Sunday, July 13, 2008

What to do

I read and I just want to cry. I hope the future is brighter than the present. I wonder what kind of world that we are making and leaving behind.

I hate the news, very very rarely any good and uplifting news.

I think it's easy to try to live in a bubble and ignore everything, but it's even harder to crawl out and see the suffering everywhere else. It almost feels useless to care because the world is just going to hell. I don't want it to, but what exactly can I actually change? Someone tell me and I'd do it. I can't end any wars, I can't make people understand. I can't get heads of state to do a damn thing.

Bill Clinton recently said the country is becoming more and more polarized. I find that to be so true. Despite what people say and do, you can see it in most every issue.

I am not an apathetic person. I try to do my own little bit. But it's never enough.

Turning off the lights at night, and conserving water won't end wars or genocide, or injustice, it will just stave off the eventuality that we need other options. It will happen. My generation is going to have to make the change toward new fuel options and actually do something about it, instead of just making talk. We don't live in an endless surplus and bounty. We can't guarantee that everyone in the world wants to share with us. We can't go hand in hat to the countries that sit on oil and hope they stay our friends. It's silly to even think that anymore. The signs where there in the mid and late seventies, and then were banished.. and now we're all boo-hooing about the cost of gas.

I really honestly wish that the world could get along. I honestly do wish that whenever I sleep. I wonder how it would be done. That's never very clear, but one day I hope that through education (the crux of having some degree of peace) is that my children and grandchildren will see that the world is not a scary place like it seems to be right now.