Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Worst

*EDIT : the corporate office called, and they are going to mail us "certificates" and would like us to try the place again, and let them know how it did. I think we will do it again. But if this happens again. we.are.never.going.there.again.

If there is anyone out there still reading this and thinking "hmmmm I wanna go out to eat tonite with my honey... hmm where should we go?"

before you answer that question.. let me tell you.. never ever let yourself go to
Biaggi's... it was awful. There is one other place called Bare Bones in Maryland that rivals it.

Today D and I were thinking about having a day out sans baby girl. So we went, and our friends babysat. We were very excited. So we get to the place (I can't even say the name now without wanting to puke) and we order the stuffed mushrooms for appetizers, and get our drinks. Our waitress looks a bit frazzled.. but the place wasn't even half full. This should have been our sign to leave after the appetizers. The next sign should have been that it was about THIRTY MINUTES to get our meal. People that came in 15 minutes after we did had their meal before we did. My iced tea by then had all melted to a nasty watered down version, and D and I were fuming and ready to leave.

Well along comes Mr. Manager in his tie and nice pressed shirt, and says here are your plates, and sorry about the delay..

Any of you that know us know that we are polite and we say we understand. We are still at that point looking forward to the food. It all smells good around us.

So we get the plates and what do we see????
D’s looks edible. Well that turns out not to be the case. It turns out that the noodles were so dried out that we couldn’t tell if they were cooked or not.
If you think that we are snooty about our food let me just tell you about my meal.

I ordered the Penne Sardi… if anyone goes to the link of Biaggi’s up there you can read what it’s supposed to be… well mine looked like a pool of oil and breadcrumbs… it looked like a pig vomited in my food. It was so sick. I am not even pregnant anymore and I thought morning sickness was coming back.
I asked the waitress, when she came by to ask how things were, “ I thought this was supposed to be a tomato sauce?”

She replied, “ Well there is tomatoes in it.. you just have to mix it up”…
MIX IT UP??? WTF?? Am I the damn chef?

Ok so I do mix it up.. all the so-called sauce settles back to the bottom.. it is no match to all the oil and fat fighting to get to the top…

So I try like 2 bites, and the noodles are all greasy and they are either dried out or not cooked…
What D and I think happened is that someone forgot our order.. and then left it either in the oven or just under the heat lights or whatever they have nowadays.. and we got screwed.

So when the check comes I mention to the waitress that I couldn’t eat it as it was too covered up in oil and it wasn’t tasty.. she asks me what she could replace it with, I tell her that we are going to see MI3 (which was excellent by the way) and she said ok and went to get the check…

As she leaves us with the bill, she looks at me and says “I hope this didn’t ruin the experience.”
IF she had just shut her mouth it would have been fine and we would have not been as peeved I think. But HELL yes it DID ruin the experience.

She should have comped the meal. We also probably should have complained to management. But you know what. Even if they gave us free meals I don’t think I will ever go there. It was that bad.

The Bare Bones story is for another day. But it too was awful.

And I will post about what a great flick MI3 is later… even though Tom Cruise has gone a little bit overboard in his personal life the movie kicked ass… I recommend watching it in the theater!

Sorry if there are any typos!