Friday, January 27, 2006


Oh wow! it's almost my one year blogging anniversary! How neat.. I kept up with something other than the baby. That makes me very proud! I have always liked to write, and I know having a blog (well ME having a blog) is pretty narcissistic, but oh well I like to blab. It's fun, it's like talking to all your friends, but not really, they just come by and comment, and then they blog about something and you go there... but it's free! well actually unless you pay for your internet, which we do, and it's then close to 50 bucks a month to visit your friends, and if I just saved that up for like 6 months I could just fly out there and see them anyway. Was that a run-on sentence?

My wish list for this year:

To see Aunt Helen (Helena - for whom we gave the middle name to the baby) and Uncle John - she is the raddest great-aunt in the whole world! I love staying up late and talking with her about when she grew up (the 30s and 40s)... She is one of the most amazing women I know. I love to hear all the stories, and look at their picture albums of the eras... it's like a world away, but at the same time you feel a part of it when she and Uncle John tell the stories. I love all of Hub's family. His great aunt and uncle are unequivocally the best! They are the most generous and loving people. They know so much about the world, and the way it works. I hope that when I am older that I will be like them.