Sunday, January 22, 2006

School and Baby

Here is Hub's and my decision : (this was something that I just wanted to get of my chest)

I thought about it for a long time, and I will never get the time I have now with her back. I won't get her 1st times. I am of the philosophy that it's never to late to finish school. So I will be an older student, but I will never get the chance to see my baby's 1st time doing all the things babies do. Plus day care is so incredibly draining to one's budget, when one (namely me) is not working.
I just think for the best interest of baby S, and the way I feel about it. I just am going to be staying at home with her. It was really a hard decision as the program for nursing is spectacular here, and I had an excellent chance of being accepted into the program. The thing that did it for me, is that I knew that I would regret not being with Shivani at this point in the long run. I don't think I will regret not working right this second.

The way I pictured being a mom is the way I was raised, by an SAHM. Once this one (and any other sibilings) get into school I will go back and work.

Not trying to justify my decision to anyone, just wanted to let it be known. I think people are going to think whatever they want to, but in the end it's my decision, and what's best for my family.