Thursday, November 13, 2008

8 things tag

8 things!
My sister tagged me!

The 8 Things Tag

8 TV shows I love to watch

well here I don't watch TV at all (and if i do it's either Discovery Channel or History), most of the time I read... so 8 books really for me.. and 5 of them will be the Harry Potter Series since I am the only one on earth who hasn't read the books or seen the movies. And the rest are in my wish list (see link on sidebar)

8 Favorite Restaurants (Didi, I hate that you have to rub it IN MY FACE that you live in HEAVEN there... so I guess local places here in Alice is all I will list...

1. The Glen Helen Gorge Resort Restaurant
(about 1.5 hours from us, but TOTALLY worth the drive)
2. Hanuman - and Indian and Thai fusion restaurant located I think at the Crowne Plaza
3. La Casalinga - good pizza
4. Jade Ebony Cafe - in Alice Plaza, and they have good sandwiches
5. Dennis's house restaurant (open 4 days a week when he's home) - the best food ever!
even good Tex-Mex!!!
6. Flavors of India - but lately their Naan has been over buttered (and didi it's
called Clay Pit, not Pot)
7. Yummy Noodle Box - a really good noodle place
8. My friends' houses - cause they are gourmet cooks unlike me!

8 Things that Happened Today

1. Internet was down (somewhere in Coober Pedy fiberoptic cables were cut shutting
down Internet from there up to Tennant Creek).. cue depression
2. Internet came back up... cue rejoicing!
3. Made breakfast
4. made lunch
5. about to make dinner
6. talked with Dennis about getting a few groceries since he's got his truck today.
7. Thinking about folding all my laundry, and then not doing it!
8. Procrastinating about EVERYTHING!!

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Thanksgiving- spending time with family!
2. Christmas- love this whole time of year.
3. Shopping for Christmas and decorating!
4. 2009 and hearing prayers answered!
5. Traveling
6. Spending time with the hubby
7. Seeing my family- wish they lived closer.
8. Hanging out with friends and family!

8 Things on my Wish List

1. A sibling for Lil S one day
2. For us to move closer to family one day!
3. world peace
4. getting rid of poverty
5. getting rid of cancer and AIDS
6. i don't know what else...

8 People I Tag

8. any one else that wants to do this!



Nerd you copied the things that you look forward too. lol about clay pit.. hehe.. you know what i meant.. About your layout, it sometimes cuts of the sides of what is typed... I told you that before too! Did you get the package yet? I made Mom the coolest Christmas gift.. will have to show it to you before i give it to her! okay, talk to you soon! Hugs to S!


well I am not seeing anything cute not sure what you're talking about... :)


i mean cut out.. not cute out!


But it is. ask someone else.. Under your post, it is the very edge of the left side.. Like where it says tuesday november 11, the T is cut out in Tuesday.. I tried this background a while back and noticed that happened, and that is why i didn't use.. just thought you would want to know that.. up to you!