Friday, July 20, 2007

Friends in other continents

I am back in school (well on Monday) but mostly the classes are online. I have one I will have to go to, and I am excited. I will be a nurse in less than 2 years. It's really exciting.

Lil S is having some tough times transitioning to bed time, but it's also a minor problem as she has moved all the way around the world. In all she is adjusting well, but is quite clingy to mommy. ;) I am sure we all were as 2 year olds.

D is enjoying work, and excited about exploring the outback. It's a great adventure and we learn new things about Australia every day. It's beautiful out here in the winter (think Phoenix in America in January). Not a cloud in the sky and virtually no rain. I know that most of our family in Texas wish for that now... NO rain! heh

The Dog is loving being with us, she is very well mannered, doesn't beg too much, and goes to sleep in her dog bed. She is also housetrained which is very nice, since our previous pets weren't as well trained. (we still miss them though)

We wish we were with family right now, missing everyone a lot, but making lots of new friends. Plus all the kids love playing with each other!